Don’t Be A Fool, Park with ParkJockey!

Today is the day the ‘world comes to the end’, ‘pigs start flying’  or ‘Arsenal win a trophy’. I’m joking, a bit of tomfoolery once a year doesn’t hurt anybody, does it? The 1st of April 2014 is the one day of the year, you can make up an excuse to give someone the shock of their life – April Fools Day!

Check out this classic video posted by a youtuber, probably one of the funniest pranks we have ever seen:

Now, do you want to be made a fool of today!? Driving around looking like a fool happens on a daily basis particularly when in search of parking space.

Win that space race, don’t be made a fool of – otherwise, the demon of the infamous Mr. T will be on your shoulder, nagging your ear telling you “You should’ve parked with ParkJockey, fool!”

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