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Pride Week in Chicago


The Pride Parade is a major event in Chicago. It started 43 years ago as an act of rebellion against harassment and discrimination. But today, it shows the unity of the LGBT citizens and enjoys support from the broader community. This year, there will be a lot more to celebrate; it is the first year where gay marriage has been legalized in Illinois and members of the U.S. Armed Forces can march openly with pride and without fear of being discharged.

The route of the parade will start at Montrose and Broadway, and end on Sheridan and Division going through Halsted and Belmont. If you are driving to the parade, finding parking is an obstacle. Fortunately, you are able to reserve your parking through ParkJockey  which provides different parking facilities near the Pride Parade within walking distance, including 808 W. Addison.

ParkJockey and its employees are proud supporters of the Pride Week and advocate equal right for all citizens regardless of sexual orientation.



World Premiere: “Hassle-free Parking” by ParkJockey

The wait is over. Our advert has arrived!

A special mention goes to our production team for all the hard work they put into the video. All you existing and soon-to-become ParkJockey fans, sit back and enjoy “Hassle-free Parking”.

Drive safely, park happily!


Don’t fluff around, use ParkJockey!

London at this time of the year is an exceptional place, with lots happening. And today brings us……International Pillow Fight Day! You heard me correctly, and say it slowly I-n-t-e-r-n-a-t-i-o-n-a-l Pillow Fight Day! It hits any special day out of the park!

For one day only, you have the freedom to take your spot centre stage in the heart of London, Trafalgar Square. Get your artillery by your side and release your working week stress, I quote “become a significant part of part of pop culture!” From London to Shanghai you can endure the satisfaction of throwing a pillow without a car in the world.


That’s what most people do when driving into Central London. So, if you are driving into Central London, firstly don’t get hit, and secondly, if you do get hit by traffic, especially when circling for parking, – fear not because ParkJockey will come to rescue! Book a parking space,  and don’t worry about the fluff, or feathers, I mean fuss because its guaranteed and no one else can take it from you!




What a crazy time to be in Miami! Winter Music Conference is in full swing, with parties taking place across South Beach, Brickell and Downtown. Miami Music Week, now in it’s third year, kicked off on Tuesday but it’s tonight’s event that stands out against the rest. Remembrance, taking place at the Ice Palace in North Miami, aims to raise money for cancer research and to commemorate the life of Bingo Players’ Paul Baümer, who lost his battle with cancer in December 2013. Baümer’s former partner, Maarten Hoogstraten, will be performing, along with Dada Life, Tommy Trash, Henry Fong, MAKJ, just to mention a few.

Then of course there’s the party to end all parties – Ultra Music Festival. Starting tomorrow at 4pm and going through Sunday at 11pm, this year’s festival promises not to disappoint, with performances by David Guetta, Afrojack, Avicii, and many more. Parking won’t be easy to come by, but ParkJockey has you covered! You can purchase a guaranteed spot for one to three days by visiting here. Use PROMO CODE “ULTRA” to get 10% off from the standard rate.

 ultra photo

Now rest up – it’s going to be a long night. 😉

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Park Your Car (and Worries) Away at St. Paddy’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Whether you are driving this Leprechaun magnificence, or your sweet convertible BMW, you gotta make sure to have ParkJockey on your phone before you head to the Irish pub crawl tonight!

We never wanna miss out on the fun and that “one drink only” can quickly turn into a multitude of drinks, in which case you are left with the quandary of not knowing what to do with your car or having to find someone to drive you.

With ParkJockey, you can easily extend your parking for however your like. And soon, we will formally launch our “overnight parking” feature, which will allow you extend parking overnight with one easy touch. As simple as that.

So, enjoy the evening, folks!

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