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ParkJockey highlighted in the Miami Herald

As the city prepares to kickoff eMerge Americas Techweek, the Miami Herald took the time to highlight a few startups that have chosen to call Miami home.  ParkJockey is showcased, along with game creator Shiver Entertainment, mobile-banking provider Yellow Pepper and a few others. All have relocated their business to the area based on quality-of-life, geographic position, diversity, or cost of living.

If you’re planning to attend Techweek, make sure to catch our co-founder and CEO, Umut Tekin, speaking on the Big City Mobility panel on Tuesday!

To read the full article, click here


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We strive to make your life easier, not (tube) strike to make it harder!

T-minus 6 hours until the strike commences for the London Underground! It is expected to start around 9.00pm tonight – you have been warned!

ParkJockey Tube Strike

One of the most advanced transportation networks in the world by which many Londoners strongly rely on to get to and from work, meet their loved ones or take their children to school will suffer from a planned tube strike tonight.


It is expected that thousands of people will be affected which can cause severe delays and confusion for all. You will see astonishing queues at the working stations, and there is no point even taking a bus, unless you enjoy being packed compactly like a sardine in brine!

At ParkJockey we strive to make your life easier, and not (tube) strike to make it harder! We don’t want you to worry one bit if you decide to drive in. Avoid  getting caught up in the manic tube race and win the space race – Get 10% discount off your daily parking with ParkJockey using the promo-code: STRIKE10 at the checkout!

Good luck!


ParkJockey celebrating Earth Day 2014

The first Earth Day took place in the year 1970.  44 years later to this day – Earth Day has instigated an ongoing revolution in modern environmental movements across the globe.  Every year on this day, over a billion people in 190 countries take action for Earth Day.

ParkJockey Earth Day

The purpose of Earth Day is to work with each other and focus on environmental challenges that we are currently facing. Notably, the world’s cities face problems revolving around the notion of climate change, especially as more people are migrating to them – global warming needs to be addressed and we as a community can do it!

Currently, around the world, there are people taking part in movements supporting the environment. At ParkJockey, we feel we are part of this movement, too. We are passionate about protecting the environment and our parking solution most definitely expresses this:

Stressed out Parker ParkJockey


Now imagine this times the amount of people that drive and park?  That is a lot of pollution! Our app counteracts this, and removes the pain and time of searching for parking! Immediately you can guarantee your spot with our recommended parking options – all you have to do it hit book, no frills but easy to follow directions!

It makes sense to choose ParkJockey.



Inaugural Wynwood Life Festival + FREE TICKETS courtesy of ParkJockey!

Wynwood Life logoEverything seems to be happening in Wynwood these days. Last week we brought you Wynwood Art Walk and this week we’re bringing you Wynwood Life!

What started as a blog has morphed into a street festival celebrating all that makes Wynwood the vibrant neighborhood that it is. 20,000 attendees and over 100 vendors are expected to fill the streets off 6th Avenue to enjoy live art and music, all while indulging in delicious local fare from the various restaurants in the area.

The festival takes place April 25th – 27th. ParkJockey is proud to be the official parking partner of Wynwood Life. So, don’t forget to book your parking in advance here.

And wait, there’s more! The first 50 people to book their Wynwood Life parking with ParkJockey each get a FREE 2-DAY TICKET to the event – it doesn’t get much better than that!!

Use ParkJockey now and get your ticket – as simple as that!

See you at the festival!

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ParkJockey is now a member of the British Parking Association!

The time has finally arrived! After the initial launch of ParkJockey London where the team worked endless hours to get the show on the road, we proud to announce that we have now become an official member of the British Parking Association (BPA).

The 720 members of the BPA embrace manufacturers, car park operators, local authorities, health authorities, airports, railways, shopping centres, bailiffs and consultants – to that we can now add Mobile App Technology to the list – with ParkJockey becoming one of the first!

british-parking-parkjockeySo what does becoming a member of the BPA mean? It is denoted that the BPA are the largest professional association in Europe and the recognised authority on parking. Their main aim is to represent and promote the best interests of the parking profession, and also influence those who are involved within this growing industry. Therefore, it can only mean ParkJockey is soon to be the word on the lips of many drivers, especially as they tire endlessly searching for parking – ParkJockey is going to be their first option and revolutionise the way you park, complimenting our business innovation award.

Strive for greatness, this is only the beginning . . . Watch this space!



What To Do This Saturday

We’re coming up on the second Saturday of the month, which can only mean one thing – WYNWOOD ARTWALK! If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years (or perhaps you are new to Miami), here’s the scoop on what it’s all about:

Wynwood Art Walk is a gallery walk that takes place on the second Saturday of every month in the Wynwood Art District of Miami. It’s a free event that’s open to the public, originally created to showcase galleries in the neighborhood. Some of the must see galleries include Pan American Art Projects, Robert Fontaine Gallery and NOW contemporary. Insider tip – come hungry! The neighborhood boasts delicious restaurants but nothing beats checking out the extensive choices at the various food trucks that setup for the night. Some favs are Dim Ssäm à gogo (by the people who brought you Sakaya Kitchen), gastroPod, Ms. Cheezious, Latin Burger and Taco, and HipPOPS for dessert!

Art Gallery
Art lovers start trickling in starting around 7pm, with a large crowd forming by 8pm. Parking can be tough to come by but that’s why you have ParkJockey! You can book your parking in advance here.

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Don’t fluff around, use ParkJockey!

London at this time of the year is an exceptional place, with lots happening. And today brings us……International Pillow Fight Day! You heard me correctly, and say it slowly I-n-t-e-r-n-a-t-i-o-n-a-l Pillow Fight Day! It hits any special day out of the park!

For one day only, you have the freedom to take your spot centre stage in the heart of London, Trafalgar Square. Get your artillery by your side and release your working week stress, I quote “become a significant part of part of pop culture!” From London to Shanghai you can endure the satisfaction of throwing a pillow without a car in the world.


That’s what most people do when driving into Central London. So, if you are driving into Central London, firstly don’t get hit, and secondly, if you do get hit by traffic, especially when circling for parking, – fear not because ParkJockey will come to rescue! Book a parking space,  and don’t worry about the fluff, or feathers, I mean fuss because its guaranteed and no one else can take it from you!



Don’t Be A Fool, Park with ParkJockey!

Today is the day the ‘world comes to the end’, ‘pigs start flying’  or ‘Arsenal win a trophy’. I’m joking, a bit of tomfoolery once a year doesn’t hurt anybody, does it? The 1st of April 2014 is the one day of the year, you can make up an excuse to give someone the shock of their life – April Fools Day!

Check out this classic video posted by a youtuber, probably one of the funniest pranks we have ever seen:

Now, do you want to be made a fool of today!? Driving around looking like a fool happens on a daily basis particularly when in search of parking space.

Win that space race, don’t be made a fool of – otherwise, the demon of the infamous Mr. T will be on your shoulder, nagging your ear telling you “You should’ve parked with ParkJockey, fool!”

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