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Don’t beat around the bus …

Millions of bus users are set to face a day of bedlam tomorrow and there is a possibility it could even continue into the early hours of Wednesday morning, reports TFL.

It has been said that 27,000 workers from the 18 bus operators that run the routes in the capital are set to go on strike tomorrow over a pay disparity.

Over 200 routes are said to be affected (patchy!)

Normally, a seamless commute, day of shopping, dinner or drinks in the big smoke, is set to turn into a day of uncertainty and terror not to mention the waiting and mulling around in the underground – it’s simply not worth complaining or moaning about…

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We strive to make your life easier, not (tube) strike to make it harder!

T-minus 6 hours until the strike commences for the London Underground! It is expected to start around 9.00pm tonight – you have been warned!

ParkJockey Tube Strike

One of the most advanced transportation networks in the world by which many Londoners strongly rely on to get to and from work, meet their loved ones or take their children to school will suffer from a planned tube strike tonight.


It is expected that thousands of people will be affected which can cause severe delays and confusion for all. You will see astonishing queues at the working stations, and there is no point even taking a bus, unless you enjoy being packed compactly like a sardine in brine!

At ParkJockey we strive to make your life easier, and not (tube) strike to make it harder! We don’t want you to worry one bit if you decide to drive in. Avoid  getting caught up in the manic tube race and win the space race – Get 10% discount off your daily parking with ParkJockey using the promo-code: STRIKE10 at the checkout!

Good luck!