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Garages: The useless, the useful, the crazy!

Convenience and safety are one of the main reasons you need a garage to keep your car. However, the garage can be used for many things…

In the UK, a study in 2006 showed that the majority of car garages were used not to store their cars, but for storing household items etc. Quoted figures from the RAC Foundation, found that while 53 per cent of households had access to a garage, only 24 per cent used them and claimed many garages were “not being used for their proper purpose.” Back then, this astonished a group of MPs who wanted people to make the most of their garage. They proposed an  introduction to a paid permit for space, just to ease on-street parking problems – which didn’t go down too well!


In London, it is claimed that there are over 3,000 unused car garages. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, recently back in Feb 2014 wanted to spark a garage business revolution in London, by helping start-up companies find space to begin their adventure in central locations. Now it’s flourishing, with many start-up companies taking advantage of the affordable rent in order to become the best next thing, similarly to the likes of Apple & Disney etc.


So in the UK garages are not getting used for their ultimate purpose. In Singapore they’ve taken it to the a whole other level, literally. Try having your car as one of the centre pieces to your home – for aesthetics, rather than function.

Hamilton estates in Singapore have found a novel and technically advance way for their tenants to keep an eye on, or show off their prize procession cars, they can keep them right outside their windows. This may sound normal, but not when you window is 10 floors up!

Take a look for yourselves.


Mayor Boris Johnson Welcomes ParkJockey to London!

Boris Johnson ParkJockey

Today was an extremely exciting day! Not only was the sun out in London but at a high-profile event held in the heart of the London TechHub, Mayor Boris Johnson unveiled his until now secretly-kept plans for the first ever London Technology Week. The Mayor was optimistic and confident that it will contend on a similar global scale to London Fashion Week, which was, of course, “music to the ears” of the London’s Tech City.

Our London Heads of Operations, Kamal Rajput and Stefan Friederichs, along with our Managing Partner attended the event. A host of leading figures in tech, such as Michael Acton Smith of MindCandy, Facebook VP-EMEA Nicola Mendelsohn and Oscar-winning CEO of Framestore, Sir William Sargent, were present.

photo 1

The announcement has already stirred up interest in the press and reflects the Mayor’s ambition to make London the “tech capital of the world.”

As importantly, Mr. Johnson welcomed three new firms to the capital, one of which is (drumroll)  –  PARKJOCKEY !!!

In an instant, we were tweeted about and also made it into the London Evening Standard, along with several blogs and London24. Channel 9 of Australia also interviewed our Heads of Operations for a quick ParkJockey demo. They seemed pretty impressed!