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Buddy’s Parking Joining Forces With ParkJockey Chicago

We are excited to announce that ParkJockey Chicago has joined forces with Buddy’s Parking to simplify monthly and daily processing. Effective August 1st, monthly parking purchases will now be made through the ParkJockey website:

ParkJockey is a mobile app and website that helps drivers easily find and book parking spaces, in advanced and on the go. No more driving around in circles praying you find that last coveted spot! Current neighborhoods include Loop, River North, Gold Coast, Wrigleyville with more locations being added each day. Special event parking is also available for Wrigley Field, United Center, U.S. Cellular Field and Soldier Field.

There are many benefits to the ParkJockey system. Some of these benefits include credit and debit cards are accepted; we are currently working on accepting ACH payments as well. You are able set-up auto payments. There are no processing fees, and it is a safe and secure environment. Another benefit of ParkJockey is that you no longer have to worry about losing your confirmation page or parking pass. Everything is done electronically and all you need to do is input your license plate number.

Booking your monthly parking for Buddy’s Parking is very easy and can be done in 3-easy steps!

1) Visit and select your location.
2) Select the month you’d like to purchase parking for.
3) Complete the remaining fields to create an account for faster processing and account management.
Click “Book Now”. You’re all set!


Yelp Event – A Night in White feat. ParkJockey

On the 7th August ParkJockey will be attending ‘A Night in White’, an event hosted by Yelp at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, Marble Arch – in honour of their 10th Birthday. The ballroom bash will encapsulate and promote the finest local London edibles and drinkables.

Attendees will be dressed to impress in their finest white attire – without a belt and with their dancing shoes on, because there is going to be a whole host of delicious food and drink all on the house.

ParkJockey will be amongst those providing the entertainment. Ben Barnett AKA The Sax Man taking centre stage at our stand with added complimentary beer and bubbles.

We will also be showcasing our mobile app, handy for all drivers who need to find & book parking in advance or on-the-go!

Click here to find out more the event and who will be attending, you can even RSVP if you would like to attend.



Lollapalooza 2014 – Chicago at Grant Park

Lollapalooza is an annual music festival in Chicago from August 1-3rd located at Grant Park. The music festival hosts more than 160,000 people over a three-day period. Which has featured popular alternative rock, heavy metal, punk rock and hip hop bands. This year’s headliners are Outkast, Kings of Leon and Eminem; as well as a long list of other popular bands that are worth seeing. Purchase your tickets today through the official Lollapalooza website

If you are attending the event and looking for affordable parking nearby we have parking at the Garland Building located at 111 N Wabash which is a short 9 minute walk to Lollapalooza. On the short walk you can enjoy the scenery and do a little sightseeing! Book as soon as possible before parking sells out. We hope everyone attending the festival has a great time and don’t forget to book your parking.

Have fun and be responsible! 🙂



ParkJockey now working in partnership with City Car Club


ParkJockey is thrilled to announce its working partnership with City Car Club.The partnership has a strong synergy to make driving into the big smoke as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Simply book your City Car Club car, drive to your destination and park your car seamlessly in Central London using ParkJockey.


ParkJockey’s Global Head of Sales & Marketing speaks at Refresh Miami

Last Thursday, Igal Aciman, our Global Head of Sales & Marketing, was a guest speaker on Refresh Miami’s “You’ve Built It, Now Launch It!” panel. Other panelists included Sari Azout, Co-Founder of Bib and Tuck, an online portal to sell clothes and shop a curated collection of personal closets, and Dawn Dickson,  CEO and Founder of Flat Out of Heels, a rollable flat that promises to ease the pain of women across the world.  The panelists highlighted ways to grow your customer base, garner press and track success.

Refresh Miami began in April of 2006 and has grown to become the largest technology networking organization in South Florida.  Their goal is to provide the community with a steady stream of educational content focused on the technological and entrepreneurial communities. Their events are held once a month in various locations around Miami. For more information, click here.

Refresh Miami 1


Running in Place

How You Can Waste Years in Traffic Looking For Parking

NYC Traffic

Wait….How Much Time?

Waiting in traffic sucks. In fact, it only gets worse once you reach your destination and then have to find a place to park your vehicle. It’s a vicious cycle of circling the block and looking for parking until you realize that’s no use, and with the clock ticking, you move on to the lots you passed by earlier only to find the ones closest to your destination are full and you have to circle back to a different lot. Did you know the average motorist will spend 8,325 hours looking for a parking space? In terms of days, that’s 347 days of your life getting stressed that you can’t get back. In terms of gas, that’s 47,000 gallons of wasted gas, or nearly “38 trips around the Earth,” all while essentially going nowhere.

How Slow Can You Go?

With 30% of most traffic in major metropolitan areas coming from people looking for parking spots, it’s no wonder that we all move at a snail’s pace. According to the New York Times, a study showed that weekday traffic in Midtown Manhattan moves at an average of 9.5 miles per hour. That’s “about the speed of a farmyard chicken at full gallop.”

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 12.34.26 PM

When To Avoid Traffic

And if you have a case of the Mondays, having to go back to work after the weekend, think again. With respect to traffic in New York City, it’s a case of the Wednesdays, as Wednesdays are the days when traffic is at its worst.

To add insult to injury, late September, when the U.N. General Assembly is in session, coincides with the 25 slowest traffic days of the year when the average speed in Manhattan ranges from 8.6 to 6.9 MPH. Not surprisingly, other large clusters of traffic hover in New York City in November and December, when out-of-towners flood the streets to be part of the magical winter season (and bring their cars with them).

But if you want to know when the traffic is the lightest, then enjoy Manhattan on the weekends, or the Fourth of July when everyone has flocked to the Hamptons.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 12.35.24 PM

More Strife, Less Life

The influx of vehicles into any metropolitan area, let alone NYC, leads to an influx of traffic. According to the NYC Department of Transportation, most cars coming into the central business district of Manhattan come from 60th Street bridge, aka the Queensboro Bridge. This gateway adds to the nearly 778,000 cars, which can be found below 60th Street each day. With all these cars on the road, if you don’t have a game plan for where you’ll be parking once you reach your destination, then good luck to you! Have fun sitting in traffic for hours and being late to your meeting 🙂 Instead, avoid the strife and get back to your life. Get back the time you waste trying to find parking and book ahead instead.  Alliterations aside, life is too short to waste, so don’t.


Where to Watch The World Cup Finals in Miami

Germany VS Argentina

The ParkJockey Miami team has put together a list of the top spots to catch this Sunday’s World Cup Finals based on your country allegiance –

If you bleed celeste y blanco…


Why? Whether you’re at their location in Brickell, Aventura or Key Biscayne, you’re promised to be surrounded by flocks of Messi-wearing jerseys screaming obscenities at the multiple screens. If you get a chance to eat in between all of the chanting, the Novecento salad is a personal favorite.

To secure your Brickell parking for Sunday’s game in advance, click here.


Why? Located in what is commonly referred to as Little Buenos Aires, Manolo is the meeting point for all things Argentine – whether it be protesting the government or chowing down on some empanadas and sandwiches de miga. Rest assured, if Argentina wins, the streets will come to an absolute standstill as fans flock to the streets.

If you bleed black, red and gold… 

Hofbräu Beer Hall

Why? If your wife or girlfriend isn’t as into soccer as you are, she’ll be fully entertained ringing up your credit card at the many shops up and down Lincoln Road.

Fritz & Franz Bierhaus

Why? We’re in Miami – our German bar options are limited but this place is sure not to disappoint. Check out the scene here when Germany played Ghana.

If you’re from one of the countries that didn’t make it…

Watch The Cup in Wynwood

Why? 35,000 square foot space housing a 240” Jumbo LED Screen, the kids will have a great time playing “Pool Ball” – essentially an enlarged pool table with soccer balls you kick for points.

To secure your Wynwood parking for Sunday’s game in advance, click here.

Wherever you allegiance lies – Argentina or Germany, South America vs. Europe, Sunday’s game promises to be one hell of a match!



Hospital debate: Should people pay for parking when going to hospital?

It is a touchy subject, but one that shouldn’t be avoided. It’s a topic that may have slipped underneath the radar. Until recently, some members of the public have been voicing their opinion about, how much money the government are trying to sponge out of us. The question that sparks the current debate is – “Should the NHS charge patients and visitors for parking at hospitals?”

Car parking is an archaic industry and it has been around for over a hundred years. With many car parks around, it is a known fact that the industry is a larg one, reiterated by the fact that the European parking industry valued at around 30 billion euros.

Parking is what may come. Some places are free to park, some places charge. Through research by ParkJockey London we know that some car parks charge £55 for up to 5 hours (Harrod’s). Prices of car parks vary and can be collectively or individually dependant on the purpose for parking, the consumer demographic, the location and/or demand.

What would be you say the purpose of parking for visiting hospital is?

An emergency, visiting loved ones, a general check up?

Should you be charged for parking when it could be a matter of life or death?

Yes or No?

It is known that the NHS charge their visitors and even their patients to park their car. The past few years has seen a escalation in parking charges in hospitals. It has been denoted in a recent review by the BBC, that 1 in 4 hospital car parks have doubled with some having even tripled their rates for the coming year.

When the BBC carried out an investigation into this, they approached the general public at hospital car parks to which they unanimously responded that prices are too steep, some in the region of “£4 per hour”  Some people have resorted to taking public transport to the hospital, which isn’t and doesn’t sound convenient in the slightest, not to mention good for public health in the case of contagious diseases.

Charging visitors and/or patients seems over the top, especially when you are coming to hospital to visit a loved one, or have an appointment yourself, you do not want the added stress of parking your car and keeping an eye on time. Just today, a lady named Lesley Macguire, 59, had been having tests in her local hospital in Aberdeenshire, following problems with her implants to fight breast cancer from 22 years ago. She was then diagnosed with cancer again, only to return to her car to find a £40 parking ticket (PCN).

Hospital parking parkjockey

This doesn’t seem fair, and people want to know what the money is being spent on. One Tory MP suggests parking charges need to be abolished; he even brands it as a ‘stealth tax’  (stealth tax is a tax imposed in  a way that is unrecognised as a tax). The NHS make millions of pounds every year from parking, and need millions to provide the service they give. For example, a hospital in the North east of England reportedly made around a £2 million last year from their car park. With around 2,000+ NHS hospitals in the UK, the accumulative total is in the hundreds of millions. The NHS argue that this money is used and extremely beneficial for them in order to support the medical challenges that they face throughout the year – patients are their priority!

What do you think will happen if they were to slash prices?

Could hospital car parks be filled with commuters and shoppers thus leaving patients and visitors left circling for parking?



#Selfies! “Top 10 Driving Habits” Poll by ParkJockey

Have you ever been in a car and looked to the left or right and wondered why the hell is that person doing whatever they are doing, whilst driving!?

Well, we ParkJockey decided to carry out a survey of 1,000 participants and quizzed them on their driving habits. The results were pretty astonishing!

1. Eating food (47 %)

2. Singing really loudly (44 %)

3. Listening to a guilty pleasure (28 %)

4. Talking on the phone (21 %)

5. Driving barefoot (21 %)

6.  Picking their nose (19 %)

7. Driving in pyjamas (18 %)

8. Driving in high-heels (15 %)

9. Updating Facebook status (12 %)

10. Taking a selfie (11 %)

Now the first few seem fairly innocuous and palpable, however as you work your way down the list – namely no.10, it just gets absurd and I wouldn’t recommend it either – it’s dangerous!

Let’s just hope their not taking selfies whilst listening their guilty pleasure, especially this …

You can find the articles here on London24, which has a monthly unique visitor count of around 800,000, This Is Local London onlineNews Shopper onlineNews Shopper print edition, and it also appeared in The Metro last week if you managed to catch it.  There is also a surprise in there that you will not believe! Hint: fake tan!