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#Selfies! “Top 10 Driving Habits” Poll by ParkJockey

Have you ever been in a car and looked to the left or right and wondered why the hell is that person doing whatever they are doing, whilst driving!?

Well, we ParkJockey decided to carry out a survey of 1,000 participants and quizzed them on their driving habits. The results were pretty astonishing!

1. Eating food (47 %)

2. Singing really loudly (44 %)

3. Listening to a guilty pleasure (28 %)

4. Talking on the phone (21 %)

5. Driving barefoot (21 %)

6.  Picking their nose (19 %)

7. Driving in pyjamas (18 %)

8. Driving in high-heels (15 %)

9. Updating Facebook status (12 %)

10. Taking a selfie (11 %)

Now the first few seem fairly innocuous and palpable, however as you work your way down the list – namely no.10, it just gets absurd and I wouldn’t recommend it either – it’s dangerous!

Let’s just hope their not taking selfies whilst listening their guilty pleasure, especially this …

You can find the articles here on London24, which has a monthly unique visitor count of around 800,000, This Is Local London onlineNews Shopper onlineNews Shopper print edition, and it also appeared in The Metro last week if you managed to catch it.  There is also a surprise in there that you will not believe! Hint: fake tan!