Mother’s Day on Sunday – Get Your ParkJockey Promo Code!

This weekend, Britons will hopefully be waking up to some sun. I mean it is Spring after all?

More notably, children will be waking to quickly run down to the kitchen and bring their mothers a bowl of granola and a nice cup of tea, to mark the occasion of Mother’s Day, traditionally known as “Mothering Sunday.”


Mothers are our most precious belongings!

Mothers are our most precious belongings! Mother’s Day in the UK is celebrated nationwide to honour what mothers do for us… Now at ParkJockey we want to honour and make sure your celebrations are as seamless as possible… So we offer you 10% discount in your parking in London this Sunday. USE PROMO CODE “MOTHERS” to claim your discount at any affiliated location in the city.

Quite a lot of you will be venturing into Central London for a nice meal, or you may have tickets to some light entertainment in the West End. Don’t be scared to drive in because at ParkJockey we will take care of that for you and ensure Mother’s Day doesn’t leave you searching for that  parking spot and ruin a special day for a very special person in your life!