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International Happiness Day (sponsored by ParkJockey)

If you didn’t know, today is the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness! Yeah, that’s right! The purpose of today it is that you remember your family and friends, and general well-being that actually make you happy…

We could’ve gone down the route of sharing, cute kitten pictures or a glorious beach and cocktail. ParkJockey wants to do it a slightly different way…

Imagine driving into town for a bite to eat, a game to cheer on your team or a concert to nod your head to. That exact moment, when you feel you are seconds away from pure happiness… One word: Parking!


You are going to be looking sad and frustrated if you are left circling around, the kids may be getting restless, too!

What would make you happy? Imagine pre-booking your parking, or if you are in a rush, booking on-the-go via an app, and driving straight to a guaranteed parking spot, no frills. The smile on your face will be going ear to ear, all thanks to ParkJockey.

If you book your parking with ParkJockey and your International Unhappy Day, will turn all the happier, just like the twins below!